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How NOT To Blow Up Your Interview

You’ve gotten in the door so now you must sell yourself. Close the deal by demonstrating why you are the best choice to fill their needs.

Rich Ditieri, CEO of Startup Institute, wrote for Entrepreneur magazine about “The 10 Most Careless Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid.” Here’s his list and check link for details:

1) Not downloading the app [of that company]

2) Being negative

3) Actually, just telling them about yourself

4) Forgetting Google exists

5) Forgetting LinkedIn exists

6) Not speaking to your audience

7) Not preparing for the obvious

8) Going too fast

9) Not being yourself

10) Not understanding the next steps

A good start, but…there aren’t only 10 mistakes to avoid. In fact, here are MY additional 10 to help you:

11) Not managing your arrival time

Rehearse the route in advance—at the same time you’ll be going for real. Allow extra time for traffic delays, accidents, full parking lots, busy check-in desk, slow elevators, etc.

12) Not dressing properly

Dress one level better than the current employees. If they are business casual, then wear jacket & tie/pants suit or blouse & skirt; if they have jacket & tie, then wear a suit/dress or suit. AFTER you get hired, you can wear the jeans, shorts, and flip flops like everyone else.

13) Not maintaining eye contact

The interviewer should be concentrating on your answers, not thinking/questioning your interest, or ease to be distracted. Put on your game face and shut out everything else.

14) Not having a confident, professional handshake

The handshake is a lost art, given our current hugs, chest bumps, high-fives, and fist bumps. Practice with a friend or family members on pressure, duration, and number of shakes, until comfortable.

15) Not finding a common interest over which to bond

Find something that you have in common with the interviewer. Check their bio/profile on corporate website, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In their office, look for books on shelf, sports trophies, toys on desk, plaques on walls, photos of pets, anything to break the ice.

16) Not taking notes

When you sit down, take out a pad & pen so you look interested to write down any comments or notes—even if you doodle or never take any, you’ll look prepared.

17) Not having questions prepared

Show respect for, and an interest in the company by having a few questions ready about the company’s business/recent mentions in the news.

18) Not asking for the job

Don’t take anything for granted. Even high-profile politicians know to introduce themselves, shake hands and ask for your vote.

19) Not writing a thank you note to every person you met

Email is good, but handwritten is better. Send separate note to receptionist, administrative folks, H.R. people, and interviewers—everyone, since they will compare feedback about you.

20) Not following up on status weekly

If they give you ranges or specific dates for follow-up, be patient. If not, then it’s fair to email or call their office to check on process and reiterate your continued interest.

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