Most Desired Employer

Everyone wants to work for Google. The brand, money, benefits, perks, and overall coolness factor are the reasons most cited. An interesting interview with Google execs (also the authors of “How Google Works”), is in the September 22, 2014 issue of Fortune Magazine.

I found their answers most fascinating to the question, “How do you identify great talent?”

Jonathan Rosenberg: “The No. 1 thing that you look for is passion. You want the kind of person who is constantly learning. Ask them to reveal the surprises that they saw in the things that they worked on because it shows you their thinking.”

Eric Schmidt: “Most companies hire for the position, not the person. So they look for a match on LinkedIn for all of the criteria: They have to have five years of this, and 10 years of that—and that’s precisely the wrong way to go about hiring. The right way is to hire the smartest people that you can, because the business is changing. So what you care about is their critical thinking. You want leaders who will keep fighting and keep changing the strategy, changing their tactics so they’ll eventually win.”

So, there you have it…BE SMART! Easier said, than done? No!
Do your research on the company to which you’re applying. Be aware of their current products, press releases, and mentions in recent news stories. Make sure your resume demonstrates your achievements. When you’re prepared, you’ll relax, be passionate, be creative, be confident, and be smart.


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